“One of our long-term strategic objectives is to deepen the integration between all parts of the group, and APIs are a powerful way to achieve that goal. By offering a unified, highly secure platform, we can liberate our business units to focus on their own objectives while ensuring that everyone in the group is following the same best-practice approaches for service development.”


increase in API call volumes


increase in APIs in 6 months


with built-in standards in a single place

Case study details

Groupe BPCE, one of France’s largest banking groups. Headquartered in Paris, the group’s 105,000 employees deliver a comprehensive range of banking and insurance services to 36 million customers and 9 million members across the country. The bank plays a major role in the French economy, providing more than 20 percent of all financing.

To lay the foundation for loyaltydriving open banking services, to comply with the requirements of the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2), and to accelerate internal integration, Groupe BPCE targeted a central, secure API platform

Groupe BPCE uses Amplify API Management Platform to process more than 10 billion API calls per year with 99.9 percent availability — enabling the organization to meet its regulatory obligations while delivering innovative customer-facing services.