"Relationship and partnership were and still are essential factors in maintaining Axway as our strategic supplier"


transfers and 80GB of files processed daily


transformation realized to remain competitive


in delivery time for pertinent information

Case study details

B3 is one of the world’s leading financial market infrastructure companies in the stock exchange sector. Since its founding, the organization has worked side-by-side with clients, partners and distributors to provide a safe environment for market transactions and monitoring, all in accordance with robust regulations and governance, and guided by ethics and operational excellence. Within this context, automatically sending reports at the end of the trading day is the more effective way to help brokerage firms know the precise volume of their daily transactions.

Give clients outside the city of Sao Paulo faster access to business data by the end of the trading day of the stock exchange.

• Cut delivery time in half

• Processes 200,000 transfers and 80GB of files daily

• Gain a strategic partner for digital transformation