KGI Bank

"We realized that digital financial services would be a highly effective way to grow our customer base and foster long-term customer loyalty"

6 months

delivered core value through service deployment 


new-generation banking service and innovation


transformation improves the customer experience

Case study details

KGI Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in Taiwan, was quick to recognize the potential of open banking. Operating in a highly saturated financial market, KGI Bank is always looking for innovative ways to enhance its approach to customer service to help win new customers and increase share-of-wallet. As open banking grew in popularity in the U.S. and Europe, the bank saw an opportunity to gain a first-mover advantage and become one of the first banks in Taiwan to switch to API-driven services

As open banking services gain traction with consumers and businesses around the world, KGI Bank saw an opportunity to seize first-mover advantage in Taiwan by partnering with companies of various industries to deliver digital-financial services.

Working with Axway business partner Galaxy Software Services in Taiwan, KGI Bank deployed API capabilities within a six-month timeframe — creating a secure, stable foundation to build compelling, open banking services.