Axway Cloud B2B Service

Rapidly connect to your B2B partner community with low up-front investment

Axway Cloud B2B Service offers easy-to-deploy, subscription-based Axway product configurations that enable you to quickly and easily connect your on-premise systems to your partner network. Using a state-of-the-art virtual platform, Axway provides cloud-based infrastructure, secure private cloud applications, integration with enterprise applications, and advanced community management — everything you need to securely onboard, manage and interact with your B2B community in the cloud.

Complete solutions built on core Axway products and services

With Axway Cloud B2B Service, you can offer a unique combination of visibility, agility, security, data exchange and integration services to your organization and your entire trading community. Standard cloud-based configurations of core Axway products provide complete, repeatable and rapidly deployable solutions for:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B) communication, file exchange and interaction, including automating and integrating supply or value chain activities.
  • Integration and orchestration of end-to-end enterprise application data exchanges, both within and outside your organization.

Axway Cloud B2B Service can be powered by either Axway’s industry-leading B2Bi engine, or by Axway TSIM – providing specialized capabilities for the automotive industry.

To meet your specific business requirements and maximize the value of your business community, Axway provides all of the services you need to manage the infrastructure, configure applications, and monitor the system to keep it running optimally. Axway services include:

  • On-boarding: Axway provisioning services automate the deployment and configuration of endpoints.
  • Migration from legacy systems: Translation and mapping of any-to-any protocols streamline migration from legacy systems.
  • Complete managed services: By offloading the entire process to Axway, you can reduce software management costs, improve operational efficiency, and focus on your core business.

Advanced cloud capabilities

Axway Cloud B2B Service enables secure B2B interaction and file transfer in a massively scalable, highly flexible cloud environment that:

  • Dramatically speeds time-to-value — Deploy a complete B2B solution in hours instead of weeks, and free your organization from complex, time-consuming IT functions. The software is already installed, configured and up and running in the cloud, so you can begin using it immediately.
  • Reduces up-front investment with no new infrastructure required — Simple, subscription-based pricing shifts costs from CAPEX to OPEX; reduced complexity, overhead and need for specialized network skills lowers TCO; and advanced, verifiable disaster recovery eliminates the need for dedicated DR assets.
  • Scales automatically to meet peak loads — Elastic auto-scaling infrastructure automatically increases capacity during demand spikes to maintain performance, and decreases capacity during demand lulls to minimize costs — you only pay for what you need.
  • Increases flexibility, visibility and control compared to VANs — Axway Cloud B2B Service packages offer extensive reporting, alerting and monitoring capabilities; support for a wide range of protocols and B2B formats; and simple, predictable pricing based on the number of partners/connections in your community.

Integrated community management

Axway Cloud B2B Service integrates seamlessly with Axway Community Management (ACM), opening up new opportunities for networked collaboration and interaction in the cloud. ACM reduces on-boarding time and expense by streamlining communications with partners, managing enrollment workflows and automating profile provisioning to backend systems.

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