Axway Financial Exchange (FEX) for Financial Institutions

Axway FEX for financial institutions powers business interactions within financial flow ecosystems, such as bank-to-bank, bank-to-market, bank-to-corporation, and corporation-to-bank.

By consolidating all financial flows and providing real-time integration, security, and visibility into payment processes as they occur, FEX ensures that high-value payment flows meet processing deadlines, comply with industry and government regulations, and satisfy service-level agreements (SLAs).

Financial Exchange provides:

  • Multi-channel consistency: Exchange financial information with customers and partners using the networks (including SWIFT), protocols (including EBICS), and formats they require.
  • Multi-enterprise community management: Grow your business with fast, easy and secure on-boarding of customers and partners. You can also segment your partners and customers into distinct communities.
  • Multi-service capabilities: Move from point-to-point connections and integrations to a unified, consolidated and scalable solution with end-to-end and top-to-bottom visibility and control over financial flows.

Advanced features and functionality include:

  • Format translation, content-based routing, validation and enrichment, bulking/de-bulking, splitting/enveloping, record fixing and recycling
  • Flow control process management and detailed audit trails for SLA fulfillment, data quality assurance, reporting and score-carding, and regulatory compliance
  • Certificate management and authorization checking
  • Message persistence and archiving

Axway also offers managed services that allow banks to outsource activities such as customer enrollment, provisioning of communication endpoints to corporate customers, etc. For corporations, the solution also facilitates secure Straight Through Processing (STP) of payment transactions through market infrastructure.

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