API Gateway

A Modern, Comprehensive API Management Platform

Axway’s next-generation advanced API Gateway makes it easier than ever to develop, integrate and manage APIs of all types while empowering your organization to securely and rapidly connect back-end applications and third-party systems, cloud applications, and mobile devices, using a graphical “configure-not-code” approach. Axway API Gateway provides true end-to-end and real-time operational monitoring, analytics and reporting in order to offer all types of users – technical, business, and operational – optimal data-flow visibility into API usage and performance.

Transforming your IT infrastructure can be a challenge; and the challenge is compounded by requirements around scalability, operational efficiencies, data security, quality of service, and more. Axway API Gateway has been newly enhanced to help your organization master those challenges through a robust API management and enterprise gateway solution that ensures enterprise security, data integrity, and governance compliance objectives are continually and consistently met.

Fast, Secure, and Easy API Development and Delivery
Axway API Gateway’s elastic design architecture enables enterprises to modernize and transform their IT infrastructure so they can offer business services via cloud, mobile, and partner channels for cross-platform compatibility.

Axway API Gateway’s rich feature set includes:

  • Integration across a wide range of back-end systems and applications, spanning various enterprise standard protocols (e.g. SQL, JMS, HTTP, WebSockets and more)
  • As-needed protocol transformation, including SOAP-to-REST and XML-to-JSON
  • Security and identity - Apply security policies to your Web APIs to control access and block attacks
  • End-to-end lifecycle management -- Control all aspects of the API from conception to post-implementation monitoring and policy enforcement.
  • Control and governance to fully meet SLAs (service level agreements)
  • Monitoring and reporting, including details of back-end service performance
  • Cloud connectivity, including:
    • Using Axway API Gateway as an OAuth 2.0 client for Salesforce, Google REST APIs, and Amazon Web Services (AWS);
    • Connectivity with Amazon Simple Queuing Service (SQS), Simple Storage Service (S3), and Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • Internet and enterprise messaging to support end-to-end asynchronous messaging
  • Administration, catalog management, versioning, and migration of APIs and policies across environments
  • Virtualization, aggregation and mash-up APIs; for example:
    • Link APIs together in order to create composite services
    • Cache traffic from API calls, or from databases or message queues
    • Virtualize third-party APIs to control the propagation of changes from source APIs
  • Integration with Axway 5 Suite
  • On premise and Cloud deployment options

Break Down Barriers, Future-Proof Your Organization, and Guarantee Critical Protection

Axway API Gateway leads the way in securing API development and management, enabling organizations to reduce risk, improve customer and partner satisfaction, and create new revenue streams.

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