Inspired by legend, shaped by imagination, and realized through transformation

Launched in November 2016,  Axway’s brand identity, symbolized by Axway Griffin,  embodies our role in helping to bring out the transformational power in every customer.



The story begins with the legendary griffin — a mythical creature with an unexpected and unrivaled combination of traits: the noble strength, agility, and courage of a lion and the keen vision, precision, and intelligence of an eagle. The griffin brings distinctive characteristics together to create something new and extraordinary, where the whole is far greater than the sum of its parts. It’s a concept that describes our company’s inherently dual nature:

  • Building on a past record of stability and reliability to create a bold, open-minded vision for the future
  • Respecting a storied French heritage made stronger through strategic acquisition and partnerships around the world
  • Celebrating a dynamic fusion of forces — Axway and our customers — capable of thinking bigger, acting faster, and executing better as a team than as individuals

Building the IT Infrastructure of the future

Revolutions in business come in waves. Right now, companies around the world are embracing the greatest technological changes in our time – a digital revolution. Axway stands ready to embrace these innovations and help businesses reach their customers like never before.

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