Automotive Digital Transformation

Customer-centric data integration is reinventing the wheel.

Drive your future automotive success by focusing on the consumer experience.

Automotive OEMs, dealerships and suppliers are focused on the road ahead — retiring and introducing brands, reducing and revamping dealer networks, and racing to provide the most innovative customer experience possible.

The key to future success is connecting the people, processes and things that will drive your business forward. With a customer-centric data integration strategy, you can deliver compelling new experiences securely, streamline data exchange across your partner community, and ensure SLA and regulatory compliance despite the massive data explosion that is well underway.

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Integrate, manage and monitor data flows inside the enterprise and throughout your global supply chain
  • Create secure connections with suppliers, vendors, freight haulers and logistics companies, financial institutions, design partners, dealerships and plants around the world
  • Integrate, secure and optimize data flows across multiple domains and geographically distributed data centers
  • Enable internal and external users to see, control and understand the data flows that drive their collaborative business processes
  • Take advantage of cloud and mobile channels
Seamlessly integrate suppliers, customers, partners and transactions with your applications
  • Automate and harmonize complex business processes to reduce maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency
  • Extend your ERP to your B2B community by integrating all business transactions, including orders, order response, deliveries, invoices, self-billing and forecasting
  • Handle anything from simple EDI projects to consolidated hubs spanning multiple countries
  • Provide the same functionality and applications to your entire global B2B community
Connect cars to back-end applications and third-party systems
  • Deliver driver-centric infotainment services including telephony, messaging, social, music, navigation, location and weather
  • Improve safety, design and the driver experience with vehicle-centric telematics solutions
  • Create new revenue streams leveraging “big” telematics data to develop innovative services
  • Partner with external application developers and service providers to offer differentiated added value
Establish connections with your trading community for ad hoc and automated file exchange over the Internet
  • Consolidate FTP sites and departmental managed file transfer solutions
  • Give IT staff, plant managers and trading partners the visibility they need to better manage the supply chain
  • Simplify compliance with security policies and regulatory requirements
  • Streamline ENGDAT file and data transfer between designers and manufacturers (including CAD/CAM models, service descriptions, object lists and images) between designers and manufacturers
Standardize on a single solution for internal application-to-application (A2A) file transfers — on premise and in the cloud
  • Ensure fast, accurate and secure (A2A) data flows to meet time-to-market, make-to-order, make-to-stock, just-in-time, just-in-sequence, supplier collaboration and sales order management requirements
  • Exchange files between distinct entities and across diverse functions such as engineering, procurement, manufacturing, and ERP
  • Enable each part of the business to share the same synchronized information
  • Transfer delivery orders to factories in real time
Implement a track-and-trace solution to combat counterfeiting, manage product recalls and monitor asset movement and status
  • Track and trace any kind of serialized item – vehicles, parts, materials, etc. – from creation to point of sale, use and destruction
  • Share high-volume, fine-grained information about material movement and status among ecosystem partners
  • Establish an EPCIS event repository to collect and consolidate supply chain events

Speed toward higher profits, lower costs and deeper customer loyalty.