WebEDI Supplier Portal capabilities


Work with suppliers who don't have EDI

Huge numbers of potential suppliers across industries have no EDI processes in place. By offering a web-based EDI alternative, you can now integrate them into your business ecosystem without steep prerequisites, costs, and effort.

Expand your global reach

Connect through EDI with suppliers of every kind and size – in your industry or theirs. This modern SaaS solution gives you immediate access to more than 140,000 pre-connected suppliers and simplifies integration with your EDI processes for any supplier, anywhere.

Leverage a marketplace

Build a wider community of suppliers to find the best, most competitive partners for your business. Open the door to relationships with suppliers that you could not reach before, welcoming them with a marketplace experience.

Take a platform approach to EDI

As part of the Axway B2B Integration Platform, this web-based EDI portal offers flexibility and control from a single point of management. Gain the ability to choose between point-to-point EDI, VAN, or an EDI supplier portal to optimize onboarding and interaction with every partner.

WebEDI Supplier Portal resources