Intelligent MFT capabilities


Add new integration patterns

Simplify complex customizations required to provide back-end integration in MFT gateways, reducing maintenance overhead and implementation complexity with faster upgrades. With Intelligent MFT, there’s no need for custom scripts to introduce additional file patterns like context-aware routing, bulking, debulking, and light-weight translation.

Connect enterprise applications

Visual mapping and orchestration for file-based data integrations mean there’s no need to update or migrate complex scripts anymore. Easily extend your MFT processes to the enterprise applications you need to run your business with already configured connectors.

Take an open approach to file integration

Deploy new processes that connect your entire ecosystem of customers, partners, and business applications, regardless of where they reside or how they communicate. Intelligent MFT makes it easy to secure, move, manage, and integrate all your ecosystem data with a central control platform.

Speed and simplify new file transfers

Empower your MFT practitioners and business users with no-code tools for MFT process integration and end-to-end orchestration. Develop, test, and deploy processes faster with your existing team and Axway software.

Accelerate your hybrid cloud strategy

Move forward with the deployment method and modern infrastructure that best meet your requirements: hybrid or multicloud, in-cloud, or on-premises. Future-enable your solution on a single, integrated platform that you can scale and extend as your needs change.

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