About agent-based API discovery

Amplify Agents connect your existing API data planes back to the Amplify Platform's management plane, while providing native API discovery, subscription, and observability for each different vendor platform in your environment. It also automates the discovery and monitoring of new APIs.

  • Agents are deployed in the target data planes
  • Agents are customized from your responses to questions about the target data plane
  • No proxy or additional gateways are required so performance and policy compliance are not impacted
  • SDK is provided for expansion into new data planes


  • Discover and validate all APIs into single registry: REST, Synch/Asynch, GraphQL, Events, gRPC, SOAP
  • Deploy in multiple clouds, and/or data centers
  • Support existing API gateways and repositories: AWS, Azure, Istio, MuleSoft, Apigee, Layer7, extensible SDK
  • Conduct subscription and credential management as well as quota provisioning
  • Generate business insights into your traffic in an unobtrusive way


  • Each API development group has their own API developer portal, making it difficult for API consumers to find and use what they need
  • You have multiple API management vendors with their own infrastructure stacks, so there's no common view of API performance or usage
  • You are struggling to support a multi-cloud strategy with different API Management solutions
  • You are using multiple API types or patterns such as REST, SOAP, GraphQL, gRPC, enterprise edge, cloud edge, internal, or mesh
  • You are dealing with a proliferation of unmanaged APIs with specs in GitHub, SwaggerHub, Bitbucket or others
  • You find it difficult to validate security and compliance for all your APIs
  • Some companies insist you deploy all your APIs behind their propriety API gateway, which eliminates a developer's independence to use what works best for them
  • Some solutions place a proxy gateway in the data path or require editing of existing policies, slowing API performance and introducing unnecessary points of potential failure
  • Some solutions rely on one-time or manual discovery, leaving your registry stale and inaccurate
  • Lower costs by leveraging what you have while gaining better insight into API usage and performance metrics
  • Improve efficiency by automating the process of discovery and validation of all new API assets
  • Decrease security risk and ensure compliance by finding and remediating all unmanaged APIs
  • Streamline operations by shortening the time to first API call for app developers

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