< Axway B2B Integration

Axway EndPoint solutions enable you to establish secure and direct connections with your partners, suppliers, customers and employees over the Internet — quickly, efficiently and reliably. With Axway, you can execute automatic, standardized deployment of data exchange features to end users on a massive scale, or provide users with hub-controlled software they can download themselves. 

Ranging from full-featured thick clients to zero-footprint web clients, Axway EndPoint solutions need little to no configuration, deploy in minutes and have minimal management requirements. Once a connection is established, end users can immediately transfer files and exchange data with your enterprise hub — without having to worry about technical requirements.

Axway EndPoint solutions include:

  • Activator: a self-service, downloadable B2B connector that simplifies partner on-boarding.
  • Secure Client: a file-transfer client designed to integrate seamlessly in end-user working environments while providing background automation capabilities and hub deployment facilities.
  • Web Client: low-to-no-footprint HTTP endpoints that connect you to any trading partner with a browser and Internet access.