The Parallel Universe of DevOps and API Management

The stresses between an engineering team and operations team are an age old problem, and with today’s preference for shorter and more frequent release cycles this stress is compounded. Over the past couple of years a new set of tools - and the cultural shift they enable - has helped bridge these two diverse camps and empowered organizations of any scale to develop, build and deploy software at an epic pace.

More often than not, developers are calling upon Web APIs to deliver back-end services and data to the applications they are building - so how do we enable this same DevOps paradigm for the API infrastructure itself? API Management embodies the principles of continuous delivery by modeling and governing the lifecycle of an API from development to retirement and allowing developers and administrators the tools and visibility they need to do their job.

In this webinar on-demand, you will:
•Understand how DevOps is changing the release cycle for modern software delivery
•Realize how API Management platforms bring the end-2-end life cycle you need to expose your backend
•Look at ways various DevOps (e.g. Chef or Puppet) tooling can be integrated with your API Management solution

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