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Axway Interchange User Group - Q417

03 Octobre 2017

Axway Interchange and Axway B2Bi – how do they fit together and how to do the upgrade? The User Group will include a focused discussion on the Interchange to B2Bi upgrade opportunity.

Apart from providing as-is run-time functionality, the upgrade from Interchange to B2Bi has a number of benefits:

  • Easy – You can follow the same upgrade procedure as from one Interchange version to the next
  • Same configuration logic. Full re-usage of the existing configuration, including customizations

  • Ability to extend existing usage to include integration with just a license extension

  • Deployment Options - Flexible deployment options, both on-premise and cloud - ability to choose the option that best meets your technology and investment needs.

  • Modern and Secure - B2Bi ensures compliance to security, platform and technology requirements and is the Axway strategic solution for B2B exchanges.

Date :
3 Octobre

Horaire :
11:00 am - 12:00 pm EDT

Lieu :
Webex , Global