Success Story: National Australia Bank

APIs rejuvenate legacy infrastructure to allow growth at National Australia Bank.

Company Profile

  • Established in 1858
  • 21st Largest Global Bank
  • ~820 branches and ~3,000 ATMs
  • ~14 Million Customers
  • 34,800 Employees

National Australia Bank - Delivering Digital Innovation

“We implemented a robust API strategy to support the connected experience that delivers value to our customers.”

- James Bligh, National Australia Bank


National Australia Bank (NAB) is one of the most profitable, stable banks worldwide. To ensure continued growth and innovation, the company identified a number of key business drivers:

01 Consolidation

    • Make it easy to cross sell across the company’s many product lines
    • Deliver consistent customer experiences regardless of channel

02 Proliferation

    • Know what customers want before they do
    • Anticipate industry innovations and changes in customer behavior
    • Create new ways to offer services that enhance the customer experience

 03 Competition

    • Differentiate from traditionally competitive brands and stand out against emerging FinTech providers

04 Velocity

    • Lead industry change with accelerated response and prioritized bank security

To meet these challenges, NAB needed to overcome the limitations of their existing data architecture, which was heavily stove-piped with hard boundaries between systems. The result was an infrastructure with high costs and complexity, and an inability to adapt quickly to change.

“API Management enabled us to be agile, innovative and competitive and cater to the needs of today's connected, ‘always on’ customer.”

- James Bligh National Australia Bank



NAB’s digital strategy was to decouple of the presentation layer for the service consumers and channels (mobile app and web) from the underlying service engines (business logic, accounts, origination and identity) as well as service providers (ledgers, data warehouses, capability platforms) using of APIs.

But with Axway API Management, NAB is able to use any of these digital channels to publish services and implement consistent security schemes – all while tracking service consumption and mediating between different protocols. The new framework allows for:

    • Multi-speed change and a reduction in rework
    • A solid security boundary to the bank
    • A consistent customer experience regardless of channel


With Axway’s help, NAB's digital innovation has redefined company success:

    • 98% reduction in cost per integration
    • 85% reduction in cost per client UI development
    • Reducedtest and release cycles by 3x
    • Facilitates easier partnering and a 3rd party developer ecosystem 


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