"Thanks to standardized integration patterns included with the Axway solution, we can design practically any kind of MFT flow quickly and with far less manual effort than before"


management requirements for 700 flows


governance capabilities


high-availability for managed file transfers

Case study details

Groupe AGRICA plays a key role in France’s social protection system. From its headquarters in Paris, France, the organization is responsible for delivering retirement, personal insurance, and healthcare coverage for workers at more than 200,000 member companies.

Each year, more than one million workers pay into social protection schemes managed by Groupe AGRICA, which in turn pays out benefits to them and 725,000 retirees across the country. To keep these and other important services running smoothly, Groupe AGRICA exchanges data with around 30 business partners, which include banks, insurers, and government organizations

To deliver social protection services to more than one million agricultural workers and pensioners in France, Groupe AGRICA must exchange sensitive information with key institutional, banking, insurance, and healthcare partners in a timely manner. How does the company ensure critical flows are easy and cost-effective to manage?

• Enables Groupe AGRICA to build complex one-to-many file transfer flows quickly

• Reduces management requirements for 700 flows, freeing time for valueadded activities

• Strengthens governance capabilities, enhancing business controls for sensitive data

• Delivers high availability for managed file transfers, reducing business risk