Transition Portal

Modernize your MFT infrastructure by transitioning from InterPel or XFB Gateway to AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer


  Modern Platform
Modern Platform

Move from your legacy solution to a modern platform to meet all of your MFT needs

  Central Management
Central Management

Benefit from AMPLIFY Flow Manager for the central management of all of your flows

  Rapid Onboarding
Rapid Onboarding

Empower your employees with self-service capabilities for rapid onboarding and rich analytics functionality

Transition at your own pace
  • Provide your integration managers with a detailed assessment of the current flows allowing them to make informed decisions
  • Equip your technical teams and integration partners with the tools required for a successful migration
  • Transition flows progressively to lower impact of transition
Simplify your migration project
  • Reduce risk by leveraging Axway’s expertise and experience
  • Increase consistency and accuracy of the migration to streamline your operations
  • Speed up the migration by re-using pre-configured patterns
Comprehensive offering
  • Packaged offering including migration tool, enablement and assistance
Using Transition Portal
  • Assessment of existing flows in the legacy solution
  • Detection and enrichment of existing flows, using pre-defined patterns
  • Migration of flows to AMPLIFY Flow Manager

Benefits of a modern MFT platform

  • Reduce friction between IT and business users, and improve time to market, by providing rich self-service capabilities to IT and business users.
  • Leverage API capabilities to integrate management and user functionality into other applications
  • Comprehensive analytics capabilities for better visibility into your business

Transition Portal solution brief

Automate the migration of your existing legacy infrastructure to AMPLIFY™ Managed File Transfer

Transition to more capabilities


Assess your existing environment

Perform an assessment of your current environment and ensure you have the information you require to plan your transition project.

Detect, enrich, and map your flows

Detect existing flows, enrich them with their detailed parameters, and map them to templates so they can be transitioned. Create templates to significantly speed up the transition of subsequent flows.

Transition to Axway Flow Manager

Get the rich, enterprise capabilities required to meet your MFT needs by transitioning your existing flows to Flow Manager so they can be deployed to Axway Transfer CFT or Axway SecureTransport.

Get help from Axway as part of the package

Ensure your MFT teams are equipped with all they need to perform the transition. The solution includes enablement and assistance from Axway MFT experts.