"APIs make it possible to experiment more quickly and create value. They are an essential tool for innovation"


advantage with digital disruption


of IT and business to create value


by encouraging experimentation at scale

Case study details

Novartis has a rich history of investing in the most promising frontiers of science, the most exciting innovations in the business of medicine, and the most significant healthcare needs. As the industry faces acute disruption, the company’s prescription for ongoing success hinges on APIs and microservices. Pascal Bouquet, Global Head of Architecture for Drug Development, answers a few questions about how digital transformation is moving Novartis forward.

The main challenge was changing the culture in IT and in the business. Because, very soon, we are going to go to data services, to an API economy. You can imagine algorithms being exposed as APIs. So, the API challenge is really a change of culture, especially for architects, because you have to open your world, no more working in silos. You need to open your APIs and make sure you have consumers for them