White Paper: Digital Managed File Transfer Shared Service

The digital world is changing the way companies exchange and share files. To adapt to new file transfer requirements, they need to connect traditional MFT technologies with lifecycle API management capabilities.

Most enterprises rely on Managed File Transfer (MFT) to support critical business processes like payments, claims, orders, enrollments, loan and credit origination, and e-submission for new pharmaceutical/drug approvals. As these organizations embark on the journey to digital, they will encounter challenges with traditional MFT infrastructures (sometimes referred to as the MFT backplane). The new-age Digital MFT Shared Service must be flexible and adaptive — satisfying existing legacy processes while supporting new channels, methods and “have it your way” consumption models.

At its core, the new age Digital MFT Shared Service must easily accommodate mobile applications and mobile development, API-first integration, cloud and hybrid infrastructure deployments, embrace DevOps as part of product lifecycle, and handle ever-increasing data volumes and concurrency.

Axway is paving the way to transform traditional MFT into a Digital MFT Shared Service leveraging the industry- leading Axway AMPLIFY™ platform and related products. Our vision of creating customer experience networks will rely on the Digital MFT Shared Services to provide the following capabilities:

  • Easily integrate into existing systems and processes that are part of the onboarding and maintenance of customers and trading partners
  • Offer reusable templates for provisioning file transfer flows, exposing existing partners and configuration objects as APIs
  • Provide APIs to allow partner profile information to be maintained over the lifecycle of the business relationship
  • Allow “headless” operations while leveraging investments in your existing DevOps tool chain, enterprise scheduling and/or workload management systems
  • Monitor usage and service level agreements of the shared service with real-time, predictive insights provided through embedded analytics that are fully configurable and extendable
  • Allow users throughout all lines of business to manage a majority of the activities associated with onboarding a new partner, and also, in the future, allow trading partners to participate in many onboarding tasks via self-service
  • Easily integrate with foundational MFT services of authentication/authorization, securing file transfer payloads in flight and at rest, reporting, auditing and processing any file, any time over any method
  • Access to a full-stack mobile app development environment for cross-device experiences including mobile back-end services

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