Bring File Transfers Out of the Shadows with Centralized Managed File Transfer (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this 3-part webinar series, speakers Tim Lawless, Research Manager, Info-Tech Research Group, and David Butcher, Sr. Director, MFT Product Management for Axway, address the root causes of “Shadow IT” from the user perspective, and how selecting the right MFT solution can address these needs without compromising user experience or IT’s security mandate.

IT departments are in an uncomfortable spot. They must support the needs of business units while also keeping data safe, managing risks of disparate systems, tracking where information goes, and responding to compliance initiatives. 

At the same time, business units are taking IT into their own hands, integrating new technologies without formal permissions. Commonly known as “Shadow IT,” these rogue deployments often lack appropriate security and can be very difficult to dislodge once imbedded into business process. Perhaps the most prominent use-case where business units apply consumer technology in the enterprise is moving large files. One way IT can eliminate the need for rogue file-moving technologies is by using Managed File Transfer (MFT). 

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