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Dell Technologies World. We’ll Be There, Will you?

19 Avril 2018 | By mkuczkowska

Join us at Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas to discuss how to modernize your IT infrastructure with our secure content collaboration platform.

As a Dell partner, we are looking forward to participating in the upcoming Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas - a conference where IT professionals & business decisions makers can see, touch and discover products and solutions to enable digital...

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Winning Integration Strategies to fuel Digital Business

13 Avril 2018 | By Shawn Ryan

We live in an age where data and technology are dominating industries, creating new market winners while crippling the old guard. The rise of cloud-first and data-first companies like Facebook, Netflix, and others are forcing enterprises to implement digital transformation strategies that allow organizations to compete effectively by tapping into the power of big data and leveraging modern best-of-breed technologies to fuel new innovations.

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Introducing the Axway Community Portal

12 Avril 2018 | By Ann Lloyd

Axway’s new Community Portal is here!

The Axway Community Portal provides a place where our users can come together to exchange tips, tricks and best practices with other experts and practitioners.

We listened to our customers and are now really excited to be able to provide you with a better experience by making it easier for you to engage with the worldwide Axway community. Ever needed a quick answer to a...

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Introducing the AMPLIFY Developer Portal

02 Avril 2018 | By Javier Perez

Developers and developer communities are key parts in Axway’s AMPLIFY vision. As technologies keep evolving faster than ever, enterprises have to tap into other people's innovation. It is about finding places to share, such as code sharing communities, open source communities and API portals. This approach increases the chances of building successful projects. With the AMPLIFY Developer portal we join other technology companies and large enterprises with digital transformation initiatives...

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Key Technologies in the shift from controlling costs to driving revenue.

12 Février 2018 | By Shawn Ryan

Fully entrenched in the notion of "digital business" and within the specific tenet of "digital business" that holds customer experience as the competitive battleground there is a rapid shift in focus from internally focused systems and initiatives to externally focused initiatives to support new products, new services and new experiences. 

The very role of the CIO is shifting accordingly. The...

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Managed File Transfer Analytics, a step beyond visibility

07 Février 2018 | By Paul Lavery

Visibility is within MFT DNA
A key feature of any MFT solution is visibility. Organizations continue to invest in improved visibility solutions for their MFT. These investments include scaling the visibility solution to meet growing needs, ease of use and in self-service. Allowing business users to self serve their needs regarding file transfer status has been a popular project to...

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Axway named a Market Leader in Middleware-as-a-Service for Hybrid Integration

29 Janvier 2018 | By Shawn Ryan

The demands of Hybrid Integration are great. Digital imperatives and cloud adoption demand more and more on integration technologies. Rapid adoption of mobile, microservices and the API-ification of everything have demanded more and more on integration technologies. The expanding nature and role of the ecosystem, from strict buyer/supplier/service provider relationships to that of co-creators have expanded demands on integration and finally, consumers of integration have expanded from being...

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Omnichannel is not the answer!

10 Janvier 2018 | By Shawn Ryan

Through 2017, the data points continued to grow. Examples sources include KPMGs papers on customer centricity with Retail, CPG and...

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Highlights and hot topics from Sibos 2017 Toronto

13 Décembre 2017 | By Laurent Van Huffel

This year, conversations at Sibos were dominated by the changes brought by the digital revolution, AI, the acceleration of real-time payments, and cybersecurity. Here’s a quick report of what I see as the key takeaways from Toronto:

#disruption #adaptation

Banks are gaining a greater sense of control around Fintech, learning to adapt to the disruption rather than fear it. SIBOS plenary guest speaker Dave McKay, CEO at Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), explained this...

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Value Based Digital Transformation - Realize Business Results!

11 Décembre 2017 | By Shawn Ryan

Fresh off this year's Gartner Application Strategies and Solutions Summit I remain passionate about our customers realizing real tangible business results with AMPLIFY and by implementing Customer Experience Networks for value based digital transformation. The conference carried strong tracks on app strategy, innovation and customer experience. The theme of the conference if I were to sum it up was "yes". Yes...

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The cost of imperfect order fulfillment

07 Décembre 2017 | By Antoine Rizk

Delayed or incomplete orders affect business revenues in tangible ways, and can incur high penalties. Ensuring perfect order fulfillment requires End to End Visibility of Supply Chain, which is difficult given the complexity of business operations today. The solution should provide monitoring across organization silos and third parties, as well predictive analytics. Failing to provide perfect order fulfillment...

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Customer Experience – Get your Board Onboard

04 Décembre 2017 | By Ann Lloyd

Once upon a time it was enough to have a great product and the right price tag. Correction – once upon a time it was enough to have an OK product and a price tag that consumers today would quite frankly choke on. When demand exceeded supply and customers had neither the freedom of choice nor the ready access to channels where they could voice their opinion as well as hear directly from other consumers, the power was all in the hands of the vendor.

Those days are long gone....

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What is Lean Six Sigma?

01 Décembre 2017 | By Michael Skinner

Lean Six Sigma is a business and process continuous improvement and management methodology combining two separate approaches: Lean Thinking and Six Sigma. Both methodologies originated in manufacturing industries, and came to prominence in the mid to late 1990s. Over the last 15 years both methodologies, individually and in combination, have been successfully extended to and adapted for service and other industries, including banking, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare and the public...

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Trending in digital healthcare

29 Novembre 2017 | By Joanna Gorovoy

A focus on improving the consumer experience is driving collaboration and co-innovation across the healthcare ecosystem

Digital transformation in healthcare cannot be avoided. It’s happening now, and it’s impacting organizations across the healthcare ecosystem. From boosting productivity and operational efficiency, to innovating with new business models, healthcare services organizations are investing in digital initiatives that deliver better outcomes...

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Get On Board For Value Based Digital Transformation

27 Novembre 2017 | By Shawn Ryan

Get on Board!

Some don't get it. What is this term a customer experience network? Others, using the term or not, clearly do get it and have implemented or use a customer experience network and are reaping the benefits. In fact according to IDCs research 68% of those using a customer experience network have increased their revenue streams from digital initiatives and this is significantly higher than for non-adopters.

The premise is simple;

  1. ...

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Time to bridge MFT and Content Collaboration Platforms

16 Novembre 2017 | By Scott Lewis

Majority are adopting Content Collaboration Platforms

Gartner has stated in its recent Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms (read the full report here) that 80% of large and midsize organizations in mature regions will have deployed one or more content collaboration platform (CCP) products.  Gartner defines CCP as a range of content-centric platforms enabling secure file...

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Benefits from real-time analytics for immediate and instant payments

01 Novembre 2017 | By Clay Cowdery

Co-Author of this post: Said Debbagh, Product Marketing Director, Axway

Speed of the digital economy and customer expectations

In the past few years, the digital economy has increased the speed of transactions and changed the expectations of consumers. Those consumer expectations are being shaped by their experiences with other digital businesses — the Amazon Prime Now service will deliver goods to your home in hours, while Netflix provides access to thousands...

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Axway at Sibos 2017

16 Octobre 2017 | By Karen Holmes

We are excited to be in Toronto this week exhibiting at Sibos 2017.  Sibos is the leading financial services event which brings together banking and financial markets business and thought leaders. This year the hot topics include cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and the impact of recent regulatory and geopolitical shifts on the banking ecosystem.  PSD2, a major regulatory shift, has opened the door for new opportunities in banking, specifically by extending the banking processes with...

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Axway B2Bi Achieves Drummond Group Certification for Controlled Substances Ordering System

03 Octobre 2017 | By Joanna Gorovoy

In an effort to crack down on illegal use of controlled substances, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) maintains strict regulations governing pharmaceutical supply chain transactions for regulated drugs. Each time a pharmacy orders a controlled substance, such as oxycodone, from a distributor, or when a distributor orders oxycodone from the manufacturer, a costly, time-consuming and often paper-based process is triggered.

But, just like we have seen across a variety of...

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GDPR overexposes shadow IT

28 Septembre 2017 | By Jean-Claude Bellando

Cloud computing paves the way for shadow IT

Shadow IT is described as IT solutions used within a company without organizational approval. It’s the IT activity that takes place in the shadows without the usual security and control requirements on data placed under the responsibility of the company.

Shadow IT predates the cloud when many employees downloaded and installed their own software to achieve tasks. Since cloud solutions come with an easy-to-consume (...

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