Build APIs and microservices.

A low-code / no-code solution for rapidly creating APIs and microservices


Build, assemble and deploy APIs and microservices with a public cloud or a standalone edition.


Use APIs, models, and connectors to access data and deploy and manage APIs in the AMPLIFY public cloud container platform. API Builder combines a powerful framework for building APIs with an elastically scalable cloud service for running them.

AMPLIFYTM API Builder Standalone

Build APIs and microservices in an on-premises or private cloud containerized environment. Visual orchestration and mediation simplifies complex services. Bake Docker images and deploy in your favorite environment, including Kubernetes, Openshift, or Docker Swarm.

Pre-built or build your own connectors

Use prebuilt connectors or create your own custom, reusable connectors to any data source. Find the connector you need in the AMPLIFY Marketplace

Start with the API or the data

Create RESTful APIs in two ways: Import a Swagger 2.0 specification via the console UI or start with the data using a wizard and connectors to visually build a model and assemble APIs to access data with unprecedented speed.

Underlabs and AMPLIFY API Builder enabled a smart “airport”

Learn how one of Canada’s largest and most innovative airports, integrated its many services with an Amazon Alexa Skill to offer passengers real-time information on flight status, security wait times, and other operational factors affecting travel plans — from the home to the departure gate.


Develop and adopt a microservices architecture with ease

The use of APIs and microservices designed to overcome the challenges associated with monolithic deployments is growing within the enterprise. API Builder enables you to create a dynamic service mesh with API and microservices to unlock the data trapped in your organization and deliver new business value.

Download the datasheet for API Builder Standalone or API Builder

API Builder

Watch the AMPLIFY API Builder Standalone demo

A high-level intro to API Builder Standalone


Watch the AMPLIFY API Builder Demo

A three-part series that takes you from setup to building your first APIs