"By working with Axway, we’re making it easier for our teams to collaborate on research projects with the potential to improve outcomes for patients around the world."


multi-protocol MFT gateway as a cloud Service


integrations with CROs’ clinical applications


monitoring from experts 

Case study details

Around the world, chronic and life-threatening conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and auto-immune disorders reduce the length and quality of millions of lives. This top biopharmaceutical company is leading the fight against these types of conditions and pursuing innovative treatments that could impact millions of people globally.

To drive its pioneering research into life-threatening illnesses, this top biopharmaceutical company exchanges sensitive medical data with a wide range of stakeholders. How could the company ensure timely data-access for researchers while keeping confidential information secure?

• Secures sensitive medical data

• Complies with stringent regulatory requirements

• Accelerates development of new treatments