Global Traceability and Compliance

Reduce the cost and complexity of complying with epedigree, chain-of-custody and track-and-trace regulations

Stringent regulations for pharmaceuticals and medical devices (including U.S. DSCSA, Brazil Anvisa RDC-54, China SFDA DMF and U.S. FDAMA) require organizations to track product movement from the manufacturer to the pharmacy, and trace financial and physical chains of custody from the pharmacy back to the manufacturer with an epedigree. To ensure compliance in the coming months and years, pharmaceutical and medical device supply chain leaders must re-evaluate their current and future traceability strategies now.

Axway can help with epedigree compliance

Throughout the global supply chain, the top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers, the major U.S. healthcare wholesalers and distributors, and leading U.S. retail drugstores rely on Axway to reduce the cost and complexity of compliance. In addition, the regulators themselves, including the U.S. FDA, have implemented Axway to help manage global traceability initiatives.

How does Axway’s epedigree track & trace solution work?

The winner of multiple iBusiness awards, Axway’s Track & Trace has evolved from a scalable EPCIS repository to a policy-driven enterprise solution rich with features created from real-world implementations and functional specifications.

Axway Track & Trace combines a SOA-based architecture with world-class integration technology to provide web services APIs for serial number management, packaging hierarchy and inference support, product ID verification, and certified EPCIS capture and query interfaces.

Track & Trace provides flexible architecture options ranging from a central global repository to a distributed network of regional repositories sharing data via EPCIS standards, and flexible deployment options, including hosted in the cloud and as a managed service.

Relevant Products

  • Axway Track & Trace

    Unit-level serialization, point-of-sale verification and central government reporting

    • Deploy on-premise or in the cloud to leverage your investment in existing traceability infrastructure
    • Establish a global EPCIS-certified solution
    • Implement one centralized regulatory reporting infrastructure
    • Manage one security framework with a streamlined user experience
    • Maintain regional autonomy with flexible distribution center integration

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