AMPLIFY API Management

Fast, secure innovation and engagement

AMPLIFY API Management optimizes the digital business value chain with API lifecycle management, secure integration services, monitoring, and analytics. It is part of the Axway AMPLIFY™ data integration and engagement platform, which offers app development to help you innovate faster and engage better with your ecosystem of customers, partners, suppliers, and internal and external developer communities. 

Amplify API Management

AMPLIFY API Management Key Capabilities


For a full list of features, refer to the feature matrix below:

API Creation

  • Legacy service transformation into APIs
  • API creation and orchestration
  • API-first approach
  • DevOps friendly

API Governance

  • API security and control
  • API catalog management
  • API developer portal

API Monitoring

  • API usage
  • API health
  • API infrastructure
  • Consumer engagement

Multiple deployment options
Public Cloud / Private Cloud / On premises / Hybrid

Flexible pricing
License or subscription


Speed digital innovation and gain greater API and business visibility with enterprise-grade security

AMPLIFY API Management enables:

  • API developers to easily create and extend APIs with both code and visual tools.
  • Architects and integration teams to provide the highest levels of security and corporate compliance.
  • Lines of business to address digital transformation requirements including customer experience initiatives, establishing and growing a digital ecosystem, and implementing new business models to increase revenue and competitiveness. 

Streamline API management and coordinate people and processes across the full API lifecycle

  • Create and orchestrate mobile-ready APIs and establish policies to promote conversion, operational stability, authorization, and security at the enterprise level.
  • Create and manage an API catalog for easy API search and discovery, and to support all API lifecycle stages — from registration through retirement.
  • Support DevOps with collaborative development of policies, automated continuous integration and promotion, deployment to staged environments, and continuous testing.
  • Take a best-practice API-first approach that leverages popular API formats such as Swagger and RAML and provides APIs to enable customers to adapt and customize the API management process.
  • Provide a developer portal to increase adoption by making it easy for developers to join an API community and discover, consume, build, and test APIs.

Free the data trapped in enterprise silos and protect it with secure integration services

  • Pre-built policy filters, connectors and adapters simplify access and use of data.
  • A Visual Mapper with a graphical Data Map Editor and map engine simplifies data format transformation.
  • Microservices support enables faster development and deployment and increased scalability.
  • Identity management simplifies integrating with existing identity access management systems and provides identity mediation, federation, and audit.
  • Data security dramatically reduces the time to implement a high level of security designed to avoid breaches.
  • REST-enabled digital MFT/B2B/EDI functionality is pre-integrated and simplifies enterprise-wide use of existing information and tools for new business uses.

Measure and monitor API program success

Analytics and monitoring provide visibility across the digital business value chain.

  • Real-time operational monitoring provides visibility to topology status, API activity tracking, and performance monitoring.
  • Developer metrics show API consumer adoption trends and API usage metrics are important to understanding API program business success.
  • Integration with Axway Decision Insight enables predictive analytics embedded in the API management tools for proactive identification of abnormal situations and key operational insight for decision making.


Feature matrix

API creation

Swagger and RAML API format import/export


SaaS connectors marketplace


Connector SDK


API orchestration


API optimization for mobile


Mobile backend services

checkmark (as an option)

Enterprise integration

API policy filters, connectors, adapters for custom enterprise integration


Visual Mapper to convert JSON and XML formats


Integration with Identity Management Systems


OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect support — both as client and server


SAML support


DevOps support including integration with CI/CD tools


API governance

API Catalog


API Client Registry (organization, app, and developer management)


API developer community

API Developer Portal


Self-service onboarding


Client SDK for multiple development OS


API runtime

API Proxy (REST and SOAP)


Node.JS Runtime


API security

API security options and filters


API firewall


API quota and throttling


API monitoring

Advanced real-time API monitoring and analytics:

  • API usage
  • API health
  • API infrastructure
  • Consumer engagement


Possibility to extend analytics to other processes


Deployment models

Docker container support


On-premises software install


Cloud infrastructure support (multi-vendor)


High availability clustering with automatic failover


Support for multiple region deployment


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