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On Demand Webinar - Ransomware: The dark side of the digital workplace. Are you ready? We are.

October 25, 2017

There are many benefits to the digital workplace, including a mobile, agile workforce that is more productive and collaborative. But, there is a dark side – the real and growing threat of cyber criminals and attacks like Ransomware. There are ways to protect your data, your employees and your company.  It starts with a back-up and recovery plan. As company that helps enterprises compose digital workplaces and that manages billions of files across our customers, we know the importance of security and we have the features that help you back-up your files and recover if you are ever hit with Ransomware.

Join Matt Glaves, Senior Customer Success Engineer, as he highlights how Axway Syncplicity provides a secure solution for accessing, sharing and collaborating and he’ll walk through the steps to take to prevent and recover from a Ransomware attack.

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October 25