Axway Webinars

Powering Digital Government with Secure & Agile File Transfer

March 8, 2016

Government agencies are constantly urged to optimize efficiency by doing more with less, even in the face of increasing cyber attack threats. Although engaging in electronic file transfer is key to driving efficiency in a digital government, ensuring network agility and file security has to come first.

Join Dave Butcher – Senior Director MFT Product Management at Axway for a webinar that shows how you can create a more nimble and secure file transfer solution and still operate as efficiently and cost effectively as ever. Topics include:

  • Cyber threats and file transfer: mitigating the risks
  • Agility in file transfer: building a foundation for digital initiatives
  • Creating a resilient file transfer infrastructure 
  • Moving up the file transfer maturity model

March 08

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST