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Modern Enterprise APIs and Mobility

July 11, 2017

Digital Business demands speed and Axway’s new release of Appcelerator Hyperloop, Arrow Builder, and API Management Plus provide key capabilities to move at pace in all areas of the App lifecycle, without compromising the customer experience, security, or process.

Join Alex Otañez, COO - Shockoe and Dan Tortorici, Senior Product Marketing Director - Axway, for a webinar and live Q&A.

Alex and Dan will discuss the latest Axway App and API solutions, highlighting key new features and functionality

    • Appcelerator Hyperloop and Arrow Builder – Building apps even faster and integrating these with your back end systems 
    • Full API lifecycle Support – With API Management Plus – Using OOTB connectors, the marketplace, or the connector SDK to Graphically create new APIs and micro-services and deploy in scale using powerful Node.JS framework.
    • DevOps – API Management includes team development and DevOps support to use industry standard tooling to move rapidly from build, to production, to scale — and to iterate through this cycle more frequently.


Alejandro Otañez


Alejandro has more than 10 years international experience in Strategic IT Transformation and Custom App Development in various industries ranging from Consumer Goods to Retail to Finance assisting clients in the areas of Business Strategy & Development, Security & Compliance, and Technology Transformation. As one of Shockoe’s Managing Members, Alejandro is focused on business strategy, security & compliance, digital innovation, mobile management, operational transformations. 

Dan Tortorici


Dan Tortorici is Senior Product Marketing Director Axway, where he helps companies understand the impact and opportunity of APIs and digital technology and how to best harness it for sustainable business advantage. He has over 20 years experience in enterprise software technology with expertise in business strategy and enabling technologies for business growth and transforming disruptive change into business opportunity.

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July 11

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CDT