To satisfy digitally enabled customers your supply chain requires an effective operational intelligence and analytics solution, a solution that facilitates pro-activity to anticipate incidents prior to their occurrence. However, in the urgency to embrace the digital transformation sourcing the correct solution is challenging. Poor predictive analytics and a lack of visibility across the supply chain combined with the inability to accurately monitor stock levels and achieve ‘perfect order fulfilment' means that you could be exposing your business to decreased levels of customer satisfaction and damaging brand loyalty.

Presenting the Axway Decision Insight solution, featuring the Monoprix retailer case study. Monoprix will discuss how they use Decision Insight for store replenishment and order fulfilment processes, as well as for digitalisation projects.This innovative, real-time operational intelligence and predictive analytics system is capable of observing the entirety or any part of the supply chain process, end-to end with no limitations on the types of processes or applications involved.

The easily configurable Decision Insight solution works by monitoring and capturing all stages of the supply chain process; across multiple applications such order management system, EDI platform, and inventory management. Possessing the capability to automatically detect deviations from normal patterns and implement predictive analytics, this solution provides full visibility of order process status and issues alerts prior to the occurrence of incidents. Improve your performance management, increase perfect order fulfilment and reduce out-of-stock- situations with the implementation of this easy to use, intelligent management solution. 

Join this LIVE and Exclusive webinar with Axway and Monoprix to discover the variety of unique benefits associated with embracing the digital transformation by implementing the correct operational intelligence and predictive analytics solution.

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In This Webinar You Will

  • Discover how with the use of an easily configurable analytics solution you can enable your supply chain to face digitalisation challenges
  • Learn how to improve your visibility: proactively and automatically detect deviations and inefficiencies within your processes
  • Increase your customer satisfaction and improve brand loyalty whilst reducing your supply chain costs
  • See how major French retailer, Monoprix, use Axway Decision Insight to face digitalisation challenges