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Adding value to your solution investment

Based on our years of experience, and Axway technology expertise, our Service Offerings provide strategic solutions for our growing customer base. Like our products, Axway Service Offerings are continuously improved based on usage in the field. Each offering has its own roadmap to keep up with the ever-demanding complexity of today’s business environment. Whether you are facing the intricate elements and variables of global operations, the need to upgrade platforms and applications, or a shortage of talent, we have a specific offering to address your unique challenge.

Platform Rationalization

For customers who are new to Axway or are consolidating several systems into a new Axway 5 solution, the Platform Rationalization Service Offering provides a methodology and tools for a smooth and efficient transition. Our team can help:

  • Design, standardize and simplify your IT infrastructure for more efficient operations at a lower cost.
  • Apply our unique methodology based on our many years of experience to ensure rapid assimilation and consolidation of legacy infrastructures.
  • Improve reporting to respond to status requests and compliance demands.
  • Augment and/or reinforce your IT organization to address specific needs and requirements.
  • Reduce the effort to fully benefit from the Axway A5 Suite functionality and features.

Platform Upgrade

The world of IT changes. New regulations, enhanced hardware architecture, changing software versions also require upgrades to your Axway platform. Our Platform Upgrade Service Offering will help you to stay up-to-date with your Axway solution, keeping the impact on your business as low as possible, and also extending and adapting your Axway solution to seamlessly provide new or improved services to your business.

Partner Management

Axway’s Partner Management Service Offerings combine our strong knowledge of B2B and MFT solutions with state-of-the-art Service Offerings to help you design, optimize and personalize your partner and community management system.

Operating Capability

Optimize your Axway solution efficiency and maximize its usage via an in-depth assessment. The Operating Capability Service Offering guides you to adopt best practices regarding security, reliability, monitoring/OI and performance.

Data Flow Governance Consulting

Axway’s Data Flow Governance Consulting Service Offerings bring you valuable knowledge about the concepts of Data Flow Governance, what it is and why it is important. We help you explore this new approach to extending your infrastructure by addressing topics such as  access management, community management, data flow repository, policy management, and visibility and analytics.

Implementation Project

Implementation Project Service Offerings help you implement Axway products and solutions. Our consultants — using Axway’s Solution Implementation Methodology (ASIM) — will implement your complete solution, or act as a resource to your existing team and/or third party partners.

Product Consulting

Product Consulting Service Offerings provide expertise on Axway products and solutions. Our consultants can define or review a strategic architecture, provide an assessment, perform a health check, and ensure resource availability — with appropriate expertise — to your team. Additionally, Axway is also available to provide staff augmentation where our assistance will help accelerate and secure a rapid time-to-market.

Operational Services

Sometimes customers turn to Axway to provide on-the-ground support. Operational Services assists in rounding out or reinforcing the IT group that manages your data flow technology. This team can provide round-the-clock assistance – they are always connected to our Product Support and R&D organization to achieve an efficient continuum of services.


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