PSD2 and Open Banking

Embrace APIs to invent the next-generation experiences your customers — and their customers — expect.

Across industries, the jump to digital business centers on developing an extended ecosystem to better serve customers. This is especially true for the globally connected banking and financial services industry, which is why open banking is a hot topic not only in Europe for PSD2, but in the Americas and Asia as well.  Are you ready to make the leap?

Axway can help.

Axway AMPLIFY™ is a groundbreaking data integration and engagement platform for accelerating PSD2 implementation and inviting open innovation across your expanding ecosystem of banks, PSPs, FinTechs, developers, and data and service partners. 

How does the solution work?

AMPLIFY includes the API, analytics and app development capabilities you need to engage with your ecosystem to invent the seamless, contextual interactions your retail – and increasingly corporate – customers have come to expect.

Use it to: 

  • Provide open access to customer account information (as required by PSD2’s XS2A)
  • Integrate agile with legacy and combine existing services – your own and  your partners’ - into innovative, higher-value offerings
  • Create an engaging, secure and seamless customer experience across all virtual and physical touch points — mobile, online, call centers, ATMs and branches
  • Measure and analyze  API service usage, including specific combinations of services, to improve performance and enable monetization
  • Accelerate your digital journey and secure your position in the new open banking value chain

For example, use AMPLIFY to combine easy access to payment services like Apple Pay with your existing credit services and loyalty programs, and provide the aggregated service as a ready-to-use, secure and comprehensive digital wallet solution for your corporate customers. 

Relevant Products

  • Axway API Management Plus

    Complete lifecycle coverage for open banking APIs

    • Easily create new APIs that power rich, seamless experiences across physical and virtual channels
    • Create and manage a catalog of internal/external, REST/non-REST APIs
    • Speed time to market and optimize API performance to improve the customer experience
    • Simplify API consumption and foster active engagement with your internal and third-party developer ecosystem
    • Turn data into services and track usage to generate API revenue
    • Mitigate security risks with a full range of protections (e.g. data integrity, throttling/quota management, transport security)
    • Implement agile fine-grained access control strategies at the Organization, App and Individual levels
  • Axway Decision Insight

    Real-time proactive analytics

    • Gain single-pane, end-to-end visibility into operational performance and tailor information to address each user’s specific objectives and concerns (e.g. digital channel usage and performance, partner conversion rate, etc.)
    • Give business and IT users the situational awareness and predictive insight they need to meet individual and corporate objectives
    • Accelerate time to value with code-free flexibility
    • Use time-based operational analytics to understand past, present and future performance
    • Enable proactive response to unusual situations and non-events to minimize business and customer impacts
  • Appcelerator Platform

    Native apps, mobile APIs and real-time analytics in one platform

    • Design, build and test rich, fully native mobile apps — all from a single JavaScript code base
    • Define the app data model without writing any code, and generate REST API implementations to access the data model automatically
    • Use a set of cloud-based back-end services that support the mobile application
    • Get real-time mobile analytics for every native app – whether built on the Appcelerator Platform or directly via native SDK (iOS & Android)

  • Success Story: US Federal Government

    Internal Revenue Service

    With external collaboration made possible by Axway, the Internal Revenue Service recovers $8.7B in lost tax dollars globally.

  • Axway - Imagination Takes Shape
    Success Story: Transportation & Logistics

    Major European airline

    For an airline that wants to expand business to and from Asia, APIs are the only way to go

  • Success Story: Financial Services

    Funding self-service innovations

    How a large financial services institution integrated access and control across mobile platforms

Are you ready to speed up your digital transformation?