The tools for open banking success

With Axway Open Banking at the center of your strategy, you have the tools and expertise to unleash the full value of your data and unlock all the open banking benefits: brilliant customer experiences, create new business services, and accelerate growth in the emerging world of embedded finance.

  • Developer Portal makes your offerings discoverable to the ecosystem
  • APIs built to common open banking standards such as Brazil Open Banking and Financial Data Exchange (FDX) are easily discoverable and consumable to accelerate new services
  • Identity and consent management keep your customers’ data safe, secure, and protected
  • Powered by a robust API management platform lets you govern and control APIs everywhere

Ecosystem expansion

"We realize that digital financial services would be a highly effective way to grow our customer base and foster long-term customer loyalty."

– Austin Hsieh, Vice President, IT Division, KGI Bank

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Axway Open Banking capabilities are helping customers around the world

Direct customers

Providing new sources of revenue by monetizing APIs

Integration innovation

Managing and reusing API development for integration

Risk and compliance

Complying with open banking regulatory requirements

Meet Mr. Open Banking

Open Banking

Learn how open banking is shaking up the world of finance with more ways to save money, move money, and improve financial well-being in this popular podcast series hosted by Axway Catalyst, Eyal Sivan.

Axway Open Banking runs on the Amplify API Management platform

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Axway Open Banking runs on the Amplify API Management platform