Transfer CFT

Reduce operational costs and middleware configuration errors with data flow visibility and alerts.

API-enabled MFT Controller

Easily trigger file transfers using the REST API framework from applications, job schedules, folder monitoring, and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

Extensible solution

Support file and message exchange across more than 20 platforms, including Windows, UNIX and Linux, mainframes. Support on-the-fly cloud storage with Amazon-S3 capability.

Data-flow visibility and monitoring

Improve quality of service and reduce costs over your entire data exchange environment by detecting and correcting file transfer malfunctions in real time, before they become critical.

Scalable governance

Easily govern your large installed base of Transfer CFT instances and quickly adapt to changes with central controls for massive deployments.

Build high-volume data flows across the enterprise

Many application-based file transfer approaches lack the flexibility, manageability, scalability, and security required for today's fast-paced, digital business.


Transfer CFT multi-platform file transfer controller provides consistent service quality and a uniform interface for applications over widely distributed organizations - regardless of the underlying platforms. Non-intrusive, it reduces the design, implementation and operations costs of governing data flow for critical multi-site business processes.


Transfer CFT

Easily govern high-volume data flow across enterprise multi-sites and platforms.


See for yourself

Watch this demo on how to enable secure, simple self-service for data exchange.

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