AMPLIFY Central Governance

Quickly and reliably link file transfers to a wide variety of related business processes.

API-enabled governance

Use REST APIs to integrate flow configuration with existing ITSM solutions supporting DevOps processes and solutions.

Global identity management and access control

Enforce consistent configuration across the entire middleware infrastructure with fine-grained and role-based policies.

Out-of-the-box visibility and audit trails

Improve quality of service and reduce costs over your entire data exchange environment by detecting and correcting
file transfer malfunctions in real time, before they become critical.

Scalable governance

Optimize usage of IT resources and infrastructure and quickly adapt to changes with central controls for managing large deployments.

In the age of digital business, how data is controlled will determine future success

Business is made up of countless individual interactions that occur between people and systems over the cloud and on mobile devices. Each interaction generates critical data that must be strategically and securely shared with others in the digital ecosystem.


Central Governance controls data flow and optimizes its value relative to the specific needs of the entities involved in the transaction, the data itself and the business goals it aims to achieve. The result is centralized control and end-to-end visibility for data flows.


Central Governance data sheet

In the age of digital business, how data is controlled will determine future success.


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