For decades Interchange has been the reference for B2B Exchange

Hundreds of companies used Interchange to perform data exchange with their partners using secure protocols such as AS2, AS3, AS4, SFTP, ...

For decades the certification bench at Drummond

Used to be Interchange, it is now replaced by AMPLIFY B2Bi.
Axway products have been continually certified since the existence of AS2, AS3 and AS4.

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A standard update to reach AMPLIFY B2Bi

B2Bi is built on top of the core of Interchange. It is adding new features and a brand-new future, including new usages, and improvements in terms of scalability and reliability.
The move from Interchange 5.1X to the latest B2Bi version is standard upgrade.

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Easy path to upgrade

  • Easy: Follow the same upgrade procedure as from one Interchange version the next
  • Same configuration logic: Full re-use of the existing configuration, including customizations
  • Same run-time engine: The full Interchange engine is embedded in B2Bi. 
  • Free license upgrade: For Interchange customers with a valid maintenance contract
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Enhance your integration capabilities with new Translation and Integration capabilities

Achieve content processing with optional, license based extension:

  • Validation/transformation, content-based routing, content-based monitoring, SAP connector, …
  • Mapping services with Rich Library of Standard and Industry Formats
  • General ability to consolidate broader set of use cases
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Better together, the power of a platform

Complement the standard B2B features with: 
Improve customer/partner experience leveraging API management or Content based collaboration using Syncplicity and so much more. 

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Onboarding: using Business Partner Engagement or configuration APIs

  • Speed integration lifecycle
  • Simplify compliance and reporting for access and change controls

Access additional APIs, microservices and prebuilt integration patterns (iPaaS) 

  • Speed up integration with new many Cloud-to-Cloud and Cloud-to-Ground endpoints

Leverage unified catalog and marketplace with prebuilt patterns

  • Rapid integration
  • Easier to build and leverage a partner ecosystem
  • Extend standard protocols and industry formats to include API’s
  • Reuse connectors, AV plugin
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