Digital transformation means businesses need to integrate more data, systems, people, businesses, and things than ever before. And that means IT teams need a way to combine traditional integration patterns – like Managed File Transfer, B2B, and, EDI – with new integration patterns fueled by modern APIs and microservices.

What is iPaaS?
iPaaS (integration platform as a service) is a platform that connects systems and data sources to deliver a unified solution. An iPaaS acts as a conduit between multiple systems, both on-premise and in the cloud, allowing for faster integration and data sharing.

iPaaS removes the barriers developers and IT teams typically face each time a new application is added into business by enabling them to orchestrate, build, synchronize, replicate, transform, and organize data residing anywhere – cloud or on-premises.

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Webinar: Making the Case for an Integration Platform as a Service

Discover AMPLIFY Application Integration

Ideal for all your C-to G (cloud-to-ground), C-to-C (cloud-to-cloud), and even G-to-G (ground-to-ground) integrations, making real-time connectivity extremely simple.

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Learn how iPaaS and API Management work better together.

Integrate your ecosystem and accelerate innovation

A centralized platform for application integration lets you:

  • Simplify and speed the process of building, integrating, and deploying new apps and services 
  • Facilitate and encourage self-service integration
Unified catalog of APIs and prebuilt integrations to over 170+ applications
  • Discover and reuse integration services including APIs, microservices, application integrations, and traditional flows
  • Use prebuilt connectors or create your own custom, reusable connectors to any data source 
  • Accelerate your integration projects by easily authenticating and orchestrating the most popular SaaS applications on the market
  • Click here to see the prebuilt connectors’ catalog
Build, manage, and deploy APIs and microservices with ease

The API Builder component of the AMPLIFY Application Integration solution makes it easy to unleash enterprise data with a wealth of mobile-optimized APIs, and innovate faster with new APIs and microservices 

Self-service management across multiple environments

Protect your APIs and control access by creating and deploying proxies for your internal services