What is API Management?

API management is the process of building and publishing APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in a secure and scalable environment. Full lifecycle API Management will help you increase digital business from the early stages of designing and developing APIs full circle to publishing them and analyzing how they perform.


AMPLIFY API Management bundles API management and microservice governance to streamline your process from start to finish. With AMPLIFY, you can create APIs from cloud and on-premise services, publish your APIs to a marketplace, control the use of them while enabling self-service consumption, plus with embedded analytics you can measure the success of your digital efforts.



APIs & Microservices

Microservices, also known as microservices architecture, is a software development technique where large applications are built as a suite of smaller modular services. What this means is that all pieces of a program are broken out and managed separately, so, if there’s an issue or an update needed on one component, the whole program won’t need to be updated.


Businesses today realize that in order to continue growing at the same pace as the technology leaders they need to work with microservices in conjunction with APIs to innovate faster. Along with mastering microservices and APIs, businesses are looking to fast-track innovation and can do so with a Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP), which combines on-premise and cloud delivery.


API Management Tutorials

Axway makes it easy for IT leaders and professionals to get the support they need when learning how to use AMPLIFY API Management. Learn more about unlocking the power of AMPLIFY and how to use our API management solution on our YouTube Channel.