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With hundreds or thousands of applications potentially using your APIs on a daily basis, security is a crucial component to keep in mind as you are creating your APIs. News of data leaks and API security breaches of large organizations are becoming more and more common. The right API manager can help protect companies from these security risks.

With an API Manager, you can define a security model that integrates with each APIs design and usage, and deploy a full complement of security and threat-prevention measures to protect your business assets and deflect attacks on your APIs.

API security standards include:

  • Using API content filtering and message-level validation for XML and JSON types.
  • Protecting against attacks such as Denial of Service (DoS), Code/SQL injections and identity spoofing.
  • Implementing standard Web Services security profiles (WS-Security, WS-Trust, etc.).
  • Using external and/or onboard Hardware Security Modules (HSMs).
  • Leveraging OAuth, OpenID and other next-generation standards for API access control

For example, Open Authorization (OAuth) secures APIs by blocking an API client from accessing a users’ information. What it does instead is relay the user to a page on the destination server where the user can enter credentials. It then uses those credentials to create an access token for the API client. The benefit of token-based access is that it may be deleted at any time for any reason—a security breach, misuse or even if the user decides they no longer want that service to have access to their account. Access tokens can be deleted at any time or used to restrict permissions, giving the user power over what data an application can access.

AMPLIFY API Management protects APIs (including REST-style APIs) at all levels: interface, access and data. Comprehensive security features and out-of-the-box identity management integrations deflect attacks against, control access to and secure the data transmitted by APIs.

Technology improvements have enabled both new business opportunity but also an increase in the sophistication of threats and attacks. AMPLIFY API Management addresses this through a partnership with PingIntelligence for APIs (formerly known as Elastic Beam).

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