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How it moves your company along

For a company to be an expediter of renovation and significant change in the API sector, many pieces are needed. This is where an API Product Manager position comes into play.

An API Product Manager accelerates the company’s product line to the next level. An API Product Manager helps steer, advance and map out an integration solution. This is essential to Axway’s AMPLIFY platform solutions. They convey one’s business vision by coordinating teams, as well as the scope of work set out for the job.

The API Product Manager further facilitates the process of when a product release will occur. This helps put the product on the road map by clearly defining the product’s vision for a company.

Don’t be fooled, this is no simple task! 

In the role of an API Product Manager, the individual must be able to multitask in a myriad of different sectors. This role requires an effective and self-sufficient person who excels at the art of communicating.

Communicating with customers

To have real success in this role, an API Product Manager is always in constant exchange with their customer base to assure rapid and effective turnarounds. The API Product Manager even directs priorities and keeps on top of product lines, and deals with delivery timetables. The API Product Manager must be able to commit to be in alignment with a customer’s needs and deliver on time. This is a person who has experience handling more than one product. They can troubleshoot from beginning to end. This is a “people person” that can deal with different personalities with tact and clever inspiration. In the end, the API Product Manager knows that the customer always comes first!