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The six stages of life

An API Lifecycle encompasses six stages of life in the API world. It is essential to choose the right API solution so you safeguard their ultimate success. That’s why AMPLIFY API Management brings exceptional value to an API Lifecycle.

Six stages of an API Lifecycle

  1. API creation: Everything in life must have a beginning. An API creation is no different. API creations commence from internal or external sources. This element covers executing the API based on the design and plans to thrive. 
  2. API registration: API registration is when the API is registered to a sandbox location. This means that the APIs need to be tested and watched for their performance. Without this step, the API can run into problems. This is a necessary step at this juncture.
  3. API publishing: You ask yourself, what is API publishing? This process allows you to make the API available to the public for use. Without this step, no one is paying attention.
  4. API promotion: API promotion is when you make the API available to other developers out there. At this point, you are assuming the obligation that nothing will be compromised, from the quality to the performance.
  5. API deprecation: What is API deprecation? An API that is deprecated is one that is no longer considered valid or is recommended for use. Simply put, they are no longer favorable. Like a restaurant or a nightclub that is no longer “in vogue,” they head to the next stage for retirement.
  6. API retirement: What does it mean when an API goes into retirement? No, it does not mean they head to the beach. The APIs will become unpublished from the API Catalog. Simply and effectively put, the APIs are out of commission and not available to the consumer. All good things do come to an end.

Check out this video and hear more about how the API Lifecycle works.