Is your platform ready for Open API Management?

Most traditional API management offerings can only govern “their” APIs. But what about all the other APIs and integrations that connect systems, apps, people, clouds, and things inside and outside your enterprise, be it on premises, in cloud, or hybrid?


Sound familiar?

  You have multiple API gateways.
You have multiple API gateways.

If you’re like 66 percent of enterprises, you have more than one API gateway from one or multiple vendors, such as AWS API Gateway. You might even have multi-cloud gateways. 

  You’re hybrid.
You’re hybrid.

Some of your applications are in the cloud and some are on-premises. 

  You have multiple integration patterns.
You have multiple integration patterns.

You have to support as many as 10 or more different integration patterns and endpoints – from APIs, to managed file transfer, to B2B and EDI.

  Your API transactions are growing.
Your API transactions are growing.

The number of your API calls is skyrocketing as you build out your microservices architectures.

  You have new types of APIs emerging.
You have new types of APIs emerging.

SOAP and REST are being joined by reverse APIs (like Webhooks), event-driven architectures (AsyncAPI), and GraphQL, and you have to support them all.

  You’re using multiple management solutions that don’t talk to each other.
You’re using multiple management solutions that don’t talk to each other.

You use services and products from various providers to manage your APIs, integration patterns, and environments, but you don’t have a good view of the whole landscape.

BNP Paribas - Personal Finance“Because there are multiple API gateways, each with their own API  catalogs, we had no straightforward way to gain a single, accurate view of all of the APIs in use across the entire business. Most importantly, we couldn’t see how partners were using our APIs, which made it very difficult to back up our instincts on monetization with hard data.” - Jérémy Ségura, Enterprise Architect

BNP Paribas Personal Finance is building a competitive API monetization strategy.

30 countries

using Axway API gateways

100 million

calls each month

200 APIs

in production

Open API Management

To deliver value at the speed the business requires, you need easy access to all your digital capabilities -- across cloud and on-premises, multiple API gateways, and various integration patterns – no matter how they’re managed. That’s what you get with AMPLIFY API Management, a truly open API Management Platform that lets you govern and access everything in one place.


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Designed for change

Modern enterprises are complex – there’s no way around it. The only way forward is with an open API platform designed for change.

Manage API gateways from different vendors with AMPLIFY Central

Support multiple integration patterns with an iPaaS

Go hybrid like Groupe Chantelle

Master microservices and mesh governance

Your business and IT goals are not mutually exclusive

AMPLIFY lets you innovate your business with the IT infrastructure you already have. At the heart of the platform is AMPLIFY Central, a multi-tenant SaaS control plane and management layer for connecting and managing multiple data planes of various types from various vendors, so you can finally have complete visibility and control over ALL of your integration assets. You can then selectively expose them as products in the Unified Catalog to be consumed by your teams, partners, and external developers.

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