Policy Studio

Configure policies to define the rules for transforming and managing data. Over 200 preconfigured filters simplify processing of API requests and complex requirements. Custom filters can also be coded in JavaScript, Groovy, or Jython.

API Central

Innovate fast with the flexibility to change with a multi-tenant cloud architecture to automatically scale and manage APIs without the overhead of infrastructure installation, maintenance, and updates.

Visual Mapper

Simplify creating complex orchestrations with a graphical Data Map Editor and map engine for the design and execution of XML to JSON transformations. Supports imported namespaces reducing the time to develop and maintain solutions by simplifying the end-to-end workflow for greater efficiency.

API Management APIs

Customize how you manage APIs with your own application with the ability to create, register and manage REST APIs, organizations and client applications. The APIs can help manage users, query metrics, manage quotas and configure services. They can also be used for managing users, policy deployment, topology and integrating with existing systems.

PODS Accelerates Innovation

Learn how PODS uses AMPLIFY API management to increase efficiency and developer productivity to quickly deliver new products.

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Increase efficiency and deliver greater flexibility

There are many ways that you can manage APIs, but the best approach simplifies meeting complex requirements and provides the ability to address new requirements driven by your success. Operational efficiency and flexibility are important attributes for the tools you use and Axway enables this with pre-defined and custom policies, a visual mapper, support for microservices, and the ability to roll your own API management functionality.


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Learn more about AMPLIFY API Management.

Configure policies faster

Configure API policies quickly using over 200 predefined policy filters that provide accelerate building policies for authentication, authorization, content filtering, signing, and conversion.

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Simplify how you manage data

Use the Visual Mapper and the Data Map Editor design, source, and run views to design and test XSLT based mappings in a graphical way.

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