Build and assemble APIs and microservices with unprecedented ease.


Build APIs and microservices in an on-premises or private cloud containerized environment. Simplify complex services  with visual orchestration and mediation. Bake Docker images and deploy in your favorite environment, including Kubernetes, Openshift, or Docker Swarm.

Multi-grained microservice layer

Create a dynamic service mesh with API and microservices at varying degrees of granularity to unlock the data trapped in your organization and deliver new business value. 

Pre-built or build your own connectors

Use prebuilt connectors or create custom reusable connectors to any data source using an OpenAPI (Swagger) document. 

Start with the API or the data

Create RESTful APIs in two ways: Import an OpenAPI Specification (OAS) or start with the data and visually build a model using a wizard and connectors to assemble APIs to access data with unprecedented speed.

Accelerate the development of APIs and microservices projects

The real pain in application development is data. Building coherent, compelling app experiences means orchestrating data from a wide range of back-end sources, legacy formats, and integration protocols. API Builder eliminates back-end dependencies for faster app releases and unifies front- and back-end development in a single open language with JavaScript.

AMPLIFY API Builder datasheet


Watch the Stoplight and API Builder demo

Design your OpenAPI (Swagger) compliant API using Stoplight’s visual editor then easily develop and test your API with API Builder.

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Watch the API Builder Standalone demo

API Builder is a tool that enables developers to rapidly create APIs and microservices. This video is a high-level introduction to the product and its features.

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