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Microservices architecture and APIs are distinct concepts that solve their own set of problems and have a unique scope, but they achieve similar goals and work from the same principles. 

APIs and microservices are designed to overcome the challenges associated with monolithic deployments. Microservices are more about architectural and design style. You may be able to implement microservices without an API. However, an API makes it easy to build loosely coupled microservices.

Axway’s API Builder enables you to create a dynamic service mesh with API and microservices to unlock the data trapped in your organization and deliver new business value. You can build, assemble and deploy APIs and microservices with a public cloud or a stand-alone edition.

One of the key design goals when implementing microservices is to create decoupled, independent and small systems that are easy to understand or modify. It is also essential not to expose implementation details. RESTful APIs should belong to one microservice because they are tightly coupled in terms of sharing lots of the same high-level design and architecture. This includes programming language and database access framework. This reduces complexity so you don’t have to maintain a module that uses different technology stacks.

Therefore, microservices and APIs solve different problems but work together.