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How they bring APIs together

API building blocks are like a true recipe for a master chef. You need to have many key ingredients to make the meal come together. API building blocks are filters that allow you to pre- or post-process data. These building blocks are elective and can be used by either APIs or models. In order to build a perfect API, different sub-category topics are part of the API building blocks regime. 

Pain-Point Monitoring

This is a set of exact standards that monitor anything from documentation to price monitoring.

Authentication APIs

Authentication APIs are a great way to manage API platforms. Authentication APIs enable you to oversee all positions. This category offers the ability so your users can log in, sign up, log out, access APIs and so much more.

Integration Touch Points

This point is like a bug catcher. Think of a trap where catching API inconsistencies and errors are corrected. These touch points are utilized to solve problems.

API Request Actions

Like the title suggests, this allows for requests like conditional responses or looping to come into play. It sets the stage for an individual API request.

Areas of interest

Analytics, code libraries and API Gateway—to name a few—are all part of this API coverage. They help to bring together the recipe into one area of utilization.