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API Builder Open Source is a term that marries API Builder with open source. To break it down in layman’s terms, API Builder lets you build and implement a mission that encompasses API endpoints that can be used by a client. On the flip side, open source ties in with API Builder when you freely distribute the source code of a piece of software. This makes for a terrific collaboration.

General idea

The general idea is to give away the open source so that anyone can retrieve it to examine it or go and make the API better. In general, the idea of open source goes against the grain of usual business practices. The idea being keeping it private and selling it are worthy ideas.

In the conventional closed-source model, software development is central. A central group of developers gets access to the code. At that point, they can make further changes to the open-source model.  When customers need to request a change or want a new feature, it needs to be analyzed and rated by the product managers, at that point, it can then go into production.

The benefit for customers is that they can add their own twists on the product. Software developed in this fashion tends to be more active and receptive. Keep in mind that since the source code, they make their money by charging for setup fees, etc.