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What you need to know

When your API fails and runs into trouble, you need a place to go and quickly identify and solve your problems. This is where API troubleshooting comes into play.

Troubleshooting in the API world

API troubleshooting is occasionally needed whenever you are using an API. Problems can occur such as connection concerns or you may lose information. When this occurs, you will need a quick and effective solution to solve your API concerns.


Axway AMPLIFY API Management is a good place to start for your API troubleshooting woes. This product offers a full scope of troubleshooting solutions. 

Commonplace issues that can occur may start off easy enough. For example, if you are having problems making a valid API call, one option is to try a straightforward request to narrow down your issue. Many times, the trouble starts with request formatting or verification. At this point, if you find you are unable to come to a satisfactory conclusion, there are other troubleshooting items in place like checking the username and password. Another process is to check the HTTP code. You will find many issues are usually caused by something quite benign like having permission to do something. Sometimes an advanced monitor or administrator may have the permission to troubleshoot, or items may have been configured incorrectly. These are a few examples of problems that occur. 

Knowing the basics for troubleshooting is a much-needed skill. For starters, an API request may return a 200 HTTP status code, this tells you that the verification was successful and the API call was structured correctly. Unfortunately, this does not indicate a completed update, thereby leaving you vulnerable.

With a troubleshooting platform in place like AMPLIFY API Management, you are secure in knowing that you have access to solve your API problems.