An open platform for API management

  1. Automated discovery of all your API assets across your distributed IT environments (even non-Axway) for central control and monitoring
  2. API providers can publish, secure, track, and monitor their assets while retaining independence to use existing or new technology
  3. Unified catalog brings producers and consumers together in one place to facilitate reuse and speed adoption.
  4. API consumers can more easily discover, subscribe, and consume API assets to accelerate time to value for digital business

Amplify API Management Platform key benefits

Automate the discovery, reuse, and governance of all your APIs across multiple gateways, environments, and vendor solutions.


Amplify includes a unified API catalog that developers inside and outside the enterprise can access to facilitate API reuse and adoption. This makes it easier to discover, subscribe, and consume API assets, accelerating time to value.


Amplify is the only API management platform that provides API management and consumption in a gateway- and service-agnostic way. Automated discovery of all your API assets across your distributed IT environments makes it simple to centralize control and monitoring.


Amplify gives you centralized visibility across the entire enterprise, so you can easily identify any points of vulnerability. You can monitor traffic from the central control plane and enforce API security policies locally, with more than 200 predefined filters for authentication, authorization, content filtering, and more.


Axway is trusted by more than 11,000 companies worldwide to extend the value of their legacy technology investments. Thanks to our open approach to API management, Amplify makes it simple to leverage APIs for digital transformation, ensuring legacy technology keeps pace with the needs of today’s digital services and customer expectations.

Full lifecycle API management


Design, build, and test APIs

Create and test APIs faster and more effectively using a single, end-to-end developer portal while leveraging a unified catalog to drive collaboration and avoid duplication. If your database or legacy service needs an instant REST API or you need to connect your Kafka topic to another API and transform data on the fly, the Amplify API Builder modernizes your assets so you're ready to build new products.

Deploy APIs

Publish APIs on-premises, on any public or private cloud, or in a hybrid fashion while ensuring users have the same functionality across environments. Manage your cloud deployment yourself or let the Axway Managed Cloud host, manage, secure, and operate your cloud infrastructure for you.

Secure APIs

Discover and secure all your APIs and endpoints across environments and vendors using a central control plane. End-to-end, AI-powered automation scales security across the development process by helping you find and fix vulnerabilities.

Manage APIs

Control the growing complexities of API sprawl across environments, vendors, and teams while leveraging modern patterns around microservices and event-driven architectures. Get a unified management layer for Axway and third-party gateways such as AWS, Azure, MuleSoft, Anypoint, GitHub, and others.

Analyze APIs

Get real-time, fine-grained data for all your API usage across vendors and environments in a central location for improved business results. Choose from a wide range of metrics for your digital assets, including operational metrics, developer and partner consumption, application, asset popularity, and business goals.

Extend and reuse APIs

Give teams and partners access to all your APIs while integrating assets in a central unified catalog that is updated in real time. Collaborate easily to cost-effectively create new offerings, drive their adoption, and extend their reach to new markets.

Catalysts to guide you on your journey

Axway Catalysts are an elite group of API and digital transformation experts with 180+ years of combined experience across industries, making them uniquely qualified to offer strategic and actionable guidance that sets organizations up for short- and long-term digital success

Amplify API Management Platform customer case studies

4x growth in customer acquisition in three years

With API-powered services, PermataBank partners with fintech to unlock a new market of 150M potential customers

Expanding the use of services

By transforming its service portfolio into a catalog of APIs, HM Health Solutions' clients can build new digital experiences, resulting in 14M end users.

Creating a data-driven, API-first enterprise

ENGIE transformed its business model, addressing the need for renewables and zero-carbon energy and introducing an energy-as-a-service solution.

Offer new services faster

An open API platform over the hybrid cloud allows National Oilwell Varco (NOV) to build internal and customer services in days instead of weeks, driving costs down and revenues up

How Axway Amplify API Management Platform compares

Other providers only let you monitor and govern assets originating directly from them. But with the Amplify API Management Platform, you're in total control of all your APIs and events across gateways, vendors, and environments.

This makes Amplify one of the top solutions in the market. .Here’s how Amplify stacks up.

Axway Logo ★★★★ Axway Ribbon ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★★
Apigee ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★
Broadcom CA Layer 7 ★★★ ★★
IBM ★★ ★★ ★★ ★★
Kong ★★ ★★★★ ★★
Mulesoft ★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★
Software AG ★★ ★★★★ ★★ ★★ ★★★
WS02 ★★★ ★★ ★★★

*Open Approach to API Management denotes ability to work: (1) with third party solutions, (2) across environments, (3) beyond SOAP and REST APIs (such as events or GraphQL), and (4) for non-developers with low-code tools.

Our industry recognition speaks for itself

With the publication of the 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Full Life Cycle API Management, Axway has now been named a Leader for the sixth time. We believe this recognition affirms our strong API-first vision and ability to help companies and organizations automate, adapt, and continue to innovate.

We are also a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2020 and winner of Best in Microservices Infrastructure at API World 2020.

Compatibility and implementation

Amplify API Management Platform provides automated discovery and management of your APIs and integration patterns across solutions and environments by leveraging prebuilt agents, CLI, and SDK. Prebuilt agents monitor traffic and usage of APIs across solutions such as AWS or Azure. With an SDK, you and a partner can build your own.

AWS API Gateways via Agent

Azure API Gateways via Agent

Amplify Application Integration

“When it came to the quality of their support and strategic partnership, Axway really stood out from the crowd. The Axway pre-sales team that worked with us on our pilot project with Amplify API Management really took the time to understand the business requirements behind our use cases and turn around effective solutions very quickly — sometimes within a single working day.”
— Chris Hengst, Lead API Architect/API Evangelist, HM Health Solutions



Automated efficiency

Agent-based discovery or CLI extensions let you manage APIs and gateways from AWS, Azure, and others automatically

Open API platform

Use what you have now — and tomorrow — to build and manage APIs. Maintain central governance independent of future technological decisions.

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What is an API management platform?

An API management platform (APIM) makes it simple to collect, manage, distribute, secure, and control all the APIs you use to connect applications and data across your enterprise. This gives your developers the visibility they need to create or use APIs efficiently in a multicloud or hybrid environment for maximum consumption.

An API management solution lets you easily create a unified catalog of all APIs that have been developed internally or by third-party partners. By making your APIs available all in one place, developers can easily find and reuse approved APIs. In addition, a platform for API management helps ensure that APIs are developed in compliance with your overall governance and security policies.

By using an APIM to make APIs easier to manage, you can deliver new services and applications faster and with a more consistent level of quality, helping you decrease your time to deployment, drive revenue, and increase customer satisfaction.

APIs are a critical tool for connecting the data sources required to build a digital business. However, independent development teams spread across different locations often rely on multiple API tools, vendors, and deployment environments. As a result, they frequently reinvent the wheel creating new APIs that have already been developed elsewhere in the organization. An API management tool helps you leverage APIs in your business to their fullest extent. The benefits of a unified platform for API management services include:

  • Reduce API complexity by unifying access to all your API services across the entire enterprise, simplifying API consumption.
  • Drive productivity by allowing developers to easily find and reuse APIs that have been developed instead of wasting time and money recreating APIs that already exist.
  • Enable enterprise security by centralizing control and visibility of all APIs used throughout the entire organization.
  • Modernize legacy applications by deploying an API-first layer that allows you to add new digital services while delivering a seamless, modern customer experience.


Organizations with varied, independent development teams across geographies need an API catalog to manage and share APIs while ensuring governance. This allows developers to quickly find the API building blocks they need to complete their work faster.

Developers can still use the separate API tools, vendors and environments they’re used to; an API platform simply centralizes management so everyone knows where to look. This central hub makes it easy to work with APIs at scale instead of juggling APIs across dozens or even hundreds of different services.