Business-driven data transformation and integration
Business-driven data transformation and integration

Transform operational data (business events) based on business needs, not IT requirements

  Rules Management
Rules Management

Empower your accounting department with centralized control and ownership of accounting rules and the performances of the AI Suite rules engine

  Manage exception
Manage exception

Make adjustments and check, amend and recycle events rejected by the system

  Complete audit trail
Complete audit trail

Check and validate the progression of any data delivered to the financial system. 

  Operational Intelligence
Operational Intelligence

Axway Operational Intelligence tools provide dashboards for the financial organization to visualize, monitor and optimize the overall process.

General Ledger Integration

Easily propagate accounting and financial data

  • Simplify mergers and acquisitions and speed time to market by integrating new business models, processes, products or ERP systems 
  • Create GL postings, leverage sub ledger accounts, meet Basel II requirements by populating GL, reporting and risk systems 
  • Manage and maintain global accounting schemas, define centralized Chart of Account and Accounting rules
  • Meet international accounting standards requirements (such as IFRS), create multi-GAAP postings, guarantee data consistency through a single data source
  • Act local by enabling by-country supervision, reconciliation of local and other GAAPs and compliance with local regulations

Accountants create accounting rules to automatize accounting tasks

Easily define and simulate financial rules, including T presentations of double-entry accounting postings

  • Benefit of process automation by delegating transformation to an engine
  • Accelerate financial close process (fast close) by leveraging AI Suite performances
  • Adapt faster to business and regulation changes by adding or updating rules
  • Automatically generate audit trails and provide transparency
  • Ready for international business by supporting multiple currencies and format
  • Create single place of truth by centralizing all your accounting rules
  • Increase agility and readability of your accounting processes through automatic documentation

Exception handling

Easily make end-of- month adjustments to provisions and accruals, and check, manually amend, and recycle events rejected by the system

  • Model workflows and dashboards to orchestrate and supervise the recycling process
  • Avoid the black box issues. View, correct, enhance, and recycle business data that flows between applications
  • Secure and trace transactions with an audit-compliant record of who did what, when, where and how
  • Get proactive alerts when a translation error is detected
  • Set permissions to control access to the logical views and controls associated with business data flows

Audit with ease

Detailed reporting and secure visibility into easy-to-query audit trails. Audit business transactions from the time they are initiated to the time they are posted to accounting and risk systems

  • Control and justify any data delivered to target financial systems through easy to use query tool 
  • Master the big data and navigate through audit trails up to terabytes in size using intuitive parent/child queries
  • Maintain balances and history of accounts, and respond to specific requirements with the AI Suite Datastore
  • Create, publish and share 

Monitor and anticipate

Improve visibility and management of the financial and accounting data production

  • Visualizing the operational process in real-time helps you correlate, optimize and take action
  • Monitor the process of transforming  and posting data to the financial systems and identify potential discrepancies
  • Benchmark performance over time to optimize operations for shorter closing times
  • Achieve real-time visibility using advanced functions to build daily controls and visibility over the detailed production of data
  • Monitor each step of the data transformation process to measure performance
  • Anticipate potential impact of exception handling on the closing dates and take appropriate actions

Axway Accounting Integration Suite

Streamlined integration between business applications and financial information systems

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AI Suite leverages Axway AMPLIFY

Accounting department leverages an Hybrid Integration Platform for maximum efficiency 

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