The AMPLIFY Mesh Governance capabilities help you to accelerate the integration and adoption of Microservice based APIS.  AMPLIFY combines API management and microservice mesh governance to streamline how you build, manage, analyze, and extend digital services. We will get you in production in hours instead of weeks or months. Leverage the AMPLIFY Central documentation to define and manage a hybrid environment in which you can centrally manage APIs and microservices across multiple cloud and on-premise environments

Service discovery and API (swagger) import

Axway's mesh agents automatically monitor new services being add to a managed service mesh and report them to the centralized environments view in AMPLIFY Central. From here their APIs may be proxied (secured and exposed) to the domain gateway edge of your service mesh.

Consolidated Policy library

AMPLIFY Mesh Governance provides not just a view of mesh policies helping you manage API and service traffic, but also a contextual indication of where policies are possible and also where they have been assigned. The AMPLIFY Central environments view shows you which policies are attached to what services and APIs.

Consolidated telemetry of SaaS and service mesh traffic

All AMPLIFY Central managed data planes forward API traffic telemetry to AMPLIFY Central's built-in API Observer analytics overview. This view provides time based and filtered views of API traffic by service, environment and proxy.

Build in minutes

AMPLIFY Mesh Governance helps you build microservice based APIs in minutes instead of days or weeks with API Builder. Template based project creation and visual API and flow building, allow you to make every team member productive faster.

The ability to leverage pre-built connectors as well as the connector-less approach allows you to integrate anything with ease - further helped by our extensible, reusable, and shareable tools.

Deploy and run in a ready-to-run environment

Leverage AMPLIFY Runtime Services (ARS) to deploy and run your microservices.  ARS, also referred to as Container as a Service, is a ready to run container environment in the cloud and gets you running and scaling in minutes. 

Manage your mesh with ease from a central control center

Ease up the creation of your service mesh with prescriptive instructions and easy to use management tools. Control at your fingertips with detailed insight into your API traffic. 

Public beta

Mesh Governance is currently in Beta stage. Once you have created your platform account, you can start your journey to build your own Microservice Mesh. 

If you want to learn more around the Term and Conditions that apply to beta software and services, click here - Section 3D.

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